CopperGate Overview

The connected home is the next big wave in the merging of consumer electronics, computing, and telephony, and CopperGate, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sigma Designs, is leading the way. CopperGate's mission is to simplify the connected home by helping service providers, CPE equipment manufacturers, and CE manufacturers distribute media-rich applications to and within homes and Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs). CopperGate's solutions are designed to support the HomePNA®, HomePlug® AV, and standards.

Strong Partner

CopperGate offers everything a service provider or OEM needs in a partner. Founded in 2000, CopperGate is delivering a third-generation, mass-deployed technology. Three important characteristics separate CopperGate from the competition:

  • Proven. CopperGate dramatically reduces the cost of delivering broadband using Ethernet over Coax (EoC). Now, more than 40 service providers globally deploy IPTV and EoC broadband access using HomePNA® and this list is growing. To date, over 10 million devices run with CopperGate technology.
  • Passionate. CopperGate is the most dedicated firm in the home AV networking arena. Over the last year alone, CopperGate engineers spent over 1,000 hours riding along with service provider installers to improve efficiency and lower installation costs. As a result, installation times and costs have been cut in half.
  • Prepared. A great partner is one who is ready for the future. That's why CopperGate is such a great partner. We are well prepared and positioned for the future. We have an excellent technology portfolio across all three wire-types (coax, phone, and power) to make it suitable for the global market. Plus, CopperGate is one of the leading contributors to the next generation home networking standard,