Sigma Designs Modems for Home Media Networks (ITU-T G.9960/1/2/3/4) Modems for Home Media Networks enable a completely self-install home entertainment network for distribution of Triple Play and IPTV over all existing wires in the home; powerline, coax and phoneline.

With the CG5300 and CG5200 series, large scale networks can be self-installed by novice users. IPTV deployment becomes plug and play thus avoiding the need for professional installer and truck rolls.

The solution provides unparalleled rates in real environment. Full-home coverage is supported even over powerline enabling distribution of multiple 4K video streams on existing wires.

The CG5200 family also affords end-users unprecedented convenience and flexibility because every power outlet, coaxial outlet and phone jack in the home becomes a network connectivity point on the same mesh network.

With the MIMO technology supported by CG5300 and CG5200 performance and coverage are further enhanced over powerline.



  • Optimized for IPTV and Multicast systems
  • Highest rates in real environment (PHY rate up to 1 Gbps per medium, up to 3Gbps) aggregated over all media
  • High scalability – supports largest number of devices, highest number of simultaneous video streams, best for multiple 4K video streams
  • Self-installation by consumers and service providers reduces cost and complexity
  • Guaranteed reliable whole-home coverage
  • Coexistence with previous generations of powerline technology HomePlug AV/2
  • Backward compatibility with HPNA
  • Advanced neighboring networks mitigation schemes