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Z-Wave for Gateways & Controllers

z-wave_logoZ-Wave is one of the broadest and most recognizable home control and monitoring brands, and is quickly becoming the home control technology of choice for service providers. The strong ecosystem of Z-Wave member companies and devices, a robust technology stack, and interoperability capabilities offer numerous benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Gateway and controller manufacturers can tap into the rapidly growing Internet of Things marketplace by adding Z-Wave radios to their products. By doing so, a whole new world of services is made possible, connecting an ever-increasing range of devices and truly enabling the smart home.


  • Largest interoperable ecosystem (1700+ products)
  • Z-Wave for IP reference design manages communications between devices and supports IP-capable applications
  • Network maintenance tools and reporting check health of Z-Wave mesh networks
  • SDKs and full range of development tools available
  • Additional technical and marketing resources for Z-Wave Alliance members


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