Secure Media Processor™

The SMP8656 provides a highly-integrated, high-performance, low-cost solution for IPTV and hybrid set-top boxes and thin clients. The Secure Media Processor architecture offers advanced content protection, supporting a wide variety of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Conditional Access (CA) solutions, including Nagravision.

The high-performance 3D graphics available on the SMP8656 enables dynamic and customizable user interfaces by supporting the flipping, rotating, warping, and moving of images.

Additional features over the SMP8654 include support for:

  • High-performance 3D graphics
  • Nagravision conditional access
  • MLC NAND flash
  • SPI NOR flash
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet

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Features & Benefits

Target Markets

  • IPTV and hybrid set-top boxes
  • Thin clients
  • Media players

Supported Technologies

  • Multiple task-specific processors lowers power and enables best middleware and application performance
  • Audio DSP supports wide variety of audio codecs
  • Security CPU supports wide variety of conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) solutions, solutions, including Nagravision NOCS v1.1

Video Decoding

  • 1.25x HD decoding
  • MPEG-4.10 (H.264) BP@L3, MP@L4.0, HP@L4.0
  • SMPTE 421M (VC-1) MP@HL, AP@L3
  • WMV9 MP@HL
  • MPEG-2 MP@HL
  • MPEG-4.2 ASP@L5 (up to HD, 1-point GMC)
  • AVS Jizhun profile@L2.0, 4.0, 6.0
  • RMVB v9, v10
  • 3D video support
    • Generic side-by-side and top-bottom output
    • RealD (side-by-side output)

Video Processing

  • 3D graphics accelerator with Open GL ES 1.1/2.0 support
  • Motion adaptive deinterlacing
  • Deblocking and deringing filters
  • Simultaneous HD, CIT-HD, and SD outputs
  • Individual brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and colorimetry correction controls for each video source and output port
  • 12-bit xvYCC processing
  • Integrated HDMI v1.3a with CEC, 12-bit deep color, xvYCC