SAA7120, SAA7121

Video Encoder

The SAA7120 and SAA7121 encode digital YCbCr video data to an NTSC or PAL CVBS or S-video signal. The circuit accepts CCIR compatible 4:2:2 YCbCr data with 720 active pixels per line, for example MPEG decoded data. It includes a sync/clock generator and on-chip DACs.

Features & Benefits

Target Markets

  • PCTV


  • Monolithic CMOS 3.3 V device
  • Digital PAL/NTSC encoder
  • System pixel frequency 13.5 MHz
  • Accepts MPEG decoded data on 8-bit wide input port; input data format CB-Y-CR (CCIR 656)
  • Three Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) for Y, C and CVBS two times oversampled with 10-bit resolution
  • Real-time control of subcarrier
  • Cross-colour reduction filter
  • Closed captioning encoding and World Standard Teletext (WST) and North-American Broadcast Text System (NABTS) teletext encoding including sequencer and filter
  • Line 23 Wide Screen Signalling (WSS) encoding
  • Fast I²C-bus control port (400 kHz)
  • Encoder can be master or slave
  • Programmable horizontal and vertical input synchronization phase
  • Programmable horizontal sync output phase
  • Internal Colour Bar Generator (CBG)
  • 2 x 2 bytes in lines 20 (NTSC) for copy guard management system can be loaded via I²C-bus
  • Power down mode of DACs
  • Controlled rise/fall times of synchronization and blanking output signals
  • Macrovision™ * Pay-per-View copy protection system rev. 7.01 and rev. 6.1 as option (SAA7120 only)
  • QFP44 package