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The popularity of OTT and social media has set the stage for most service providers to deliver a combination of traditional TV and new Internet-based services. These include OTT streaming from providers like Netflix and YouTube to go beyond VOD, and integrate Twitter and Facebook to offer an interactive viewing experience. Hybrid set-top boxes support conventional terrestrial, satellite, cable and telco based linear TV as well as an Internet connection for non-linear TV.

The Sigma Designs family of architecture-compatible and set top box chips, SDKs, and development kits enable fast development of a hybrid set-top box with a wide variety of feature options such as DRM and CAS support. Migration of IP-based apps to a traditional one-way broadcast network is made simpler, and advanced middleware features enable operators to enhance functionality while ensuring content security, and much more.

Sigma Designs set top box chips are pre-certified for various Conditional Access Services (CAS), such as Verimatrix and Conax.


  • Outstanding performance with superior CPU and GPU processing power
  • Advanced video codecs and video scalar engines for best picture quality
  • Scalable solutions for optimal BOM cost, such as single DDR3 memory for low end STB and dual DDR3 memory for mid-range STB designs
  • Complete web development kit and SDKs, and hardware and software reference designs
  • Framework and capabilities that enable third-party middleware to develop multiple OTT services
  • Seamless integration with a full range of media connectivity


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