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High Definition, High Quality

Sigma Designs’ TV SoCs have been shipped in more than 100 million TV SoCs to date. Our technology offers performance leadership for outstanding image processing, picture and sound quality and. Sigma HDTV chipsets support the full range of codecs and high definition resolutions, from 480i to 1080i/p and 3D. In addition these chipsets support content security, high performance CPU and Graphics functions for developing entry-level to high-end Smart TVs.

A complete family of architecture-compatible products, reference designs, and software enable fast HDTV or 3DTV set design with a wide variety of feature options, including:

  • Advanced video processing algorithms for best picture quality
  • 3D graphics and 3D video support
  • HEVC 1080 support
  • Multi-processor architecture with a dual-core ARM CPU
  • Complete OTT stack running Linux or Android
  • Integrated demodulation, demultiplexing and decoding capabilities
  • 120Hz frame rate conversion with ME/MC support


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Reinventing Television: The Smart TV

While TVs were once turned on only to watch the nightly news or a favorite sitcom, today’s large flat screens dominate the room, and can do much more than just access content supplied by a broadcaster, including connecting to the home network and Internet. These new capabilities on the Smart TV are possible because of the advent of very powerful applications processors.

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