Wireless Display Solutions

Consumers may now easily use a Wi-Fi connection to deliver audio and video content from one device to another, without cables. The devices connect directly, enabling watching videos from a smartphone, tablet, or set-top box on a HDTV or sharing a laptop screen on a HDTV. Two standards that enable this wireless technology are Wi-Fi Alliance Miracast™ (Wi-Fi Display) and Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi).

To add wireless display receiver capabilities to legacy HDTVs, small adapters (about the size of a USB flash memory device) can be used that receive the compressed audio and video, decode it, and drive an HDMI output. These adaptors can be directly plugged into an HDMI input on the HDTV and are typically powered using a USB port on the HDTV. In addition, wireless display receiver capability may be integrated into new set-top boxes, media players, HDTVs, etc.

Our family of architecture-compatible Secure Media Processors, SDKs, and development kits enable fast development of a wireless display receiver.