Media Player Solutions

We are instrumental in enabling many of the media players on the market. Consumers may now enjoy the content stored on their home network (computer or network storage) or USB hard drive, on their HDTV.

While much of the same functionality is being rapidly incorporated into HDTVs and Blu-ray players, the small form factor of media players enable consumers to take them along on trips, easily move them between rooms, etc. In addition, media players are first to incorporate the latest technologies, and since they are low cost, consumers are more willing to replace them to get the latest features and performance.

Our family of architecture-compatible Secure Media Processors, SDKs, and development kits enable fast development of a media player with a wide variety of feature options:

  • Streaming of on-line movies, TV shows, and videos (over-the-top or OTT content).
  • Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) support enables consumers to locate and enjoy content anywhere on their home AV network and effortlessly move or stream this content between DLNA-connected devices.
  • Z-Wave® RF remote control.
  • 3D graphics, enabling dynamic and customizable user interfaces by supporting the flipping, rotating, warping, and moving of images.
  • 3D video, enabling consumers to experience a new level of 3DTV viewing experience in the home.
  • Wireless display receiver, enabling consumers to deliver audio and video content from a compatible device to the HDTV, without cables.
  • Skype video calling through the HDTV.
  • VXP® video processing to improve HD video quality and offer highest-quality SD video upscaling.
  • 802.11n, HomePNA®, HomePlug®, or home AV networking.