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It’s an exciting time to be a part of Sigma Designs!

If you are interested in working on cutting edge technology and the opportunity to grow and push the limits of your potential, Sigma Designs is the company for you.

As a leading provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, we deliver entertainment and control throughout the home. Join our innovative, performance-driven culture and make a difference at one of the industry’s fastest-growing companies.

Jobs at Sigma Designs

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Overview of Benefits at Sigma Designs

Health Care

Sigma offers a comprehensive health insurance program for employees and their insured dependents, offering Cigna OAPIN HMO Like, OAP PPO and OAP HSA plans and a Kaiser Permanente HMO plan.

Dental Care

The Cigna dental plan provides employees and their insured dependents with exceptional dental insurance coverage. You have the freedom to choose your dentist with the cost-savings advantage of network participation.

Vision Care

VSP provides employees and their insured dependents with vision care. Appointments with any VSP member doctor or service center cost $20. Lenses are paid-in-full; frames and contact lenses are discounted. A non-VSP-member doctor may be used, in which case you will be reimbursed for services according to a set schedule.


Sigma offers an Employee Assistance Program for all employees through Cigna EAP Plan. Services include: counseling (3 free face to face visits) and 27/7 access to online resources and unlimited phone consultations for stress, grief counseling, depression and relationship conflicts (personal and professional. Additional resources include financial services, elder/adult/child care resources and more.

Life Insurance / AD&D

All regular, full-time employees receive Life and AD&D coverage at no cost. Employees have two times their annual base salary in term life insurance coverage (through Cigna), up to a maximum of $500,000. In the event of accidental death, this amount is doubled through the AD&D coverage through Cigna.

Voluntary Life Insurance

Employees also have the option of purchasing additional life insurance coverage for themselves, spouses, and dependent children, up to 21 years of age (25 years if unmarried & fulltime student). For additional premium determined by age, employees may purchase a policy up to $500,000 for themselves and spouse with a GI of $130,000 and $25,000 respectively. Coverage for their dependent Children up to $10,000.

Long Term Disability

All regular, full-time employees are automatically covered by our Long Term Disability plan (through Cigna), which commences after the first 90 days of an illness or disability. The plan offers 60% of an employee’s basic monthly earnings, up to a monthly maximum of $10,000.

Flexible Spending Plan (Cafeteria 125 plan)

Federal tax laws allow certain expenses (up to $2,600 for healthcare and $5,000 for childcare) to be paid with pre-tax dollars.

Flexi-Pass Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Federal tax laws allow certain expenses (up to $255 monthly for commuter and up to $255 monthly for parking) for work related transportation costs to be paid with pre-tax dollars.

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

Sigma Designs sponsors a 401(k) Plan (through Fidelity Investments) that allows employees to defer a portion of their pre-tax earnings into the plan. (Actual amount subject to the legal limitations, which are established annually by the IRS). Employees may enroll during any regular enrollment period following initial eligibility. If you have funds from a 401(k) Plan with another employer, you may rollover those funds into the Sigma Designs plan at any time.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

The Employee Stock Purchase Plan provides employees with the opportunity to purchase Sigma Designs common stock through payroll deductions. Enrollments are effective January 1 and July 1. You may designate up to 15% of your paycheck for this purchase, and stock will be purchased at the end of each six-month period. The purchase price is 85% of the lower of either the beginning or ending market price for each window period.

Employee Referral Program

Employees can receive generous cash bonus awards through our Employee Referral Program. Employees who refer qualified candidates may receive a referral bonus if their candidates are hired by Sigma.

Paid Time Off

For the first four years of their tenure Sigma regular full-time employees accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) at the rate of 15 days per calendar year.

Paid Company Holidays

Regular full-time employees receive 12 Paid Company Holidays per year.

Tuition Reimbursement

100% of the cost of tuition, up to $1,500 per year, may be reimbursed for courses that are work-related or apply towards a work-related degree.

Travel Assist Program

Through Cigna, the Travel Assist Program is available to all employees and their families 24 hours a day 365 days a year when traveling 100 miles or more from home. It provides Pre-Trip information, emergency medical assistance and emergency personal services.