Sigma Designs

HD Smart TV Socs

Advanced HD chipset solutions from Sigma Designs deliver industry-leading picture quality, a critical feature as TV screen size becomes larger and larger. Furthermore, Sigma SoCs support a wide variety of Internet-connected services–capabilities now standard on Smart TV sets–such as streaming of over-the top (OTT) video content, access to apps and Web browsing, games and music/photo sharing.

Sigma offers a complete family of architecture-compatible products, reference designs, and software to enable fast design of a HDTV or Smart TV. More than 100 million chipsets have been deployed to date, and Sigma continues to innovate, bringing the most advanced capabilities and outstanding processing power while also providing a cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

UXL chip photo UXL SX6 FHD chip photo SX6-FHD
Target Applications Midrange 50/60Hz  Smart TV Premium FHD Smart TVs with 3D content support and
advanced OTT services
Applications Processor MIPS 74K (1.0GHz) ARM A9 dual-core
Decode Capability
(Max Codec/Profile/Level)
H.264 MP/HP @ L4.1 HEVC Main/Main10 @ L4.1
OS Support Linux/Android 4.3 N/A