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HomePlug® AV Chipset

HomePlug® AV (HPAV) is the leading standard and technology used for transferring Internet Protocol (IP) content across existing AC power wires in the home. The main goal of HomePlug® AV is to enable consumers to access, store, and share a wide variety of content around the home without having to install new wiring. This includes broadband data, HD programs, video-on-demand (VOD), multi-room HD DVR recordings, voice over IP (VoIP), and streaming of HD video, music, and photos.

The concept behind HomePlug® AV is straightforward. Simply connect the first HomePlug® AV enabled device to any available AC power outlet and the other HomePlug® AV devices to other AC power outlets and you are good to go. Every AC power outlet becomes a connectivity point which enables the extension of the home AV network to every room in the house.

HomePlug® AV is capable of data rates up to 200 Mbps (payload rates up to 110 Mbps), more than enough for the delivery of rich multimedia content distribution around the home, and it provides ample headroom for future applications. It delivers prioritized and parameterized QoS for better quality of experience results.

HomePlug® AV Features

  • Every in-home AC power outlet can be a home AV network connection.
  • Payload rates up to 110 Mbps.
  • Parameterized and prioritized quality of service (QoS) guarantees the delivery of high priority packets in the presence of best effort data streams.
  • Supports user plug-and-play configuration.
  • Supports service provider set-up and configuration.
  • Supports TR-069 for device management, status and performance monitoring

CG2210 Chipset

product_cg2210.pngHomePlug® Modem for Home AV Networks

Based on the HomePlug® AV v1.1 specification, the fourth-generation CG2210 Chipset is the ideal solution for home AV networking – video, audio, data, and voice – over existing AC power lines.