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HomePNA® Networking Chipsets

HomePNA® (HPNA) is the marketing name for ITU-T Recommendation G.9954, and is the leading standard and technology used for transferring Internet Protocol (IP) content across existing coax cables or phone wires in the home. The main goal of HomePNA® is to enable consumers to access, store, and share a wide variety of content around the home without having to install new wiring. This includes broadband data, HD programs, video-on-demand (VOD), multi-room HD DVR recordings, voice over IP (VoIP), and streaming of HD video, music, and photos.

The concept behind HomePNA® is straightforward. Simply connect the first HomePNA® enabled device to any available phone jack or coax outlet and the other HomePNA® devices to other phone jacks or coax outlets and you are good to go. Every phone jack or every coax outlet becomes a connectivity point which enables the extension of the home AV network to every room in the house.

HomePNA® is capable of data rates up to 320 Mbps (payload rates up to 200 Mbps), more than enough for the delivery of rich multimedia content distribution around the home, and it provides ample headroom for future applications. It can coexist with broadband and narrowband services (xDSL, TV, telephone, etc.) on the same wire, and delivers prioritized and parameterized QoS for better quality of experience results.

HomePNA® Features

  • Every in-home coax or phone jack can be a home AV network connection.
  • Payload rates up to 200 Mbps over coax, 140 Mbps over phone wires.
  • Used by more than 40 service providers globally.
  • Four out of the top five North American telcos deploying IPTV have selected HomePNA®.
  • Over 1 million homes have HomePNA® running over coax.
  • Service provider installers can decide on-site whether phone or coax is best for that specific installation.
  • Optimized to work in frequency bands that coexist with either ADSL or VDSL on the same wire.
  • Can reach over 750 feet over phone lines before any degradation in bandwidth; can maintain connectivity more than 1,500 feet.
  • Parameterized and prioritized quality of service (QoS) guarantees the delivery of high priority packets in the presence of best effort data streams.
  • Number of Endpoints does not affect the total system bandwidth of the network.
  • Enables TR-069 based remote and local monitoring of the network to check for quality, network speed, network load, noise floor, and other key parameters.


CG3210H CG3210M / CG3310M


IP over Coax [EoC]

Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU)

Target Markets

Home Networking & IPTV services (FHD & UHD).

IP-Camera for the Surveillance Market (Security, Smart Cities)

Factory Production line connectivity

Home Networking & IPTV services.

IP-Camera for the Surveillance Market (Security, Smart Cities)

Factory Production line connectivity




Support # of device




More than 3000 feet

More than 4000 feet


8 queues

8 queues


ITU G.9954

ITU G.9954

Noise immunity

High resistance to noise & noise reduction mechanism

High resistance to noise & noise reduction mechanism


Advanced installation & monitor tools

Advanced installation & monitor tools