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Media Networking Over Existing AC Power Lines

HomePlug® AV (HPAV) technology is used for transferring IP content across existing AC power wires in the home. Consumers can access, store and share a wide variety of content (including broadband data, TV, VOD, multi-room HD DVR recordings, voice over IP, and streaming of HD video, music, and photos) throughout the home without having to install any new wiring.

By simply connecting connect the first HomePlug AV enabled device to any available AC power outlet and the other HomePlug AV devices to other AC power outlets, every power outlet becomes a connectivity point.

Sigma Designs is a global leader in HPAV technology, with more than 40 million HPAV chips shipped to date.

  • Every in-home AC power outlet can be a home AV network connection
  • Delivers up to 200 Mbps of continuous throughput
  • Parameterized and prioritized quality of service (QoS) guarantees the delivery of high priority packets in the presence of best effort data streams
  • Supports user plug-and-play configuration or service provider set-up and configuration
  • Supports TR-069 for device management, status and performance monitoring
  • ClearPath™ technology enables useage of powerline as a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channels to extend throughput


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Supported Standards

Industry Associations

Sigma Designs is an active member in the following standards organizations and industry associations to enable our HomePlug® solutions to quickly support new features and standards.

broadband_forum.png The Broadband Forum is the central organization driving broadband wireline solutions and empowering converged packet networks worldwide to better meet the needs of vendors, service providers, and their customers. We develop multi-service broadband packet networking specifications addressing interoperability, architecture, and management.
home_grid_forum.png HomeGrid Forum is a global, non-profit trade group promoting the International Telecommunication Union’s standardization efforts for next-generation home networking. HomeGrid promotes adoption of through technical and marketing efforts, addresses certification and interoperability of products, and cooperates with complementary industry alliances.
itu.png The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has played a key role in building today’s vast interconnected infocommunication networks spanning telephone, radio, television, satellite systems, mobile, and wireless communications and Internet technologies.
dlna.png Members of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) share a vision of an interoperable network of personal computers (PC), consumer electronics (CE), mobile devices, and service providers in and beyond the home, enabling a seamless environment for sharing and growing new digital media and content services.