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CopperGate Announces Highest Throughput in SARFT Testing at ICTC

HANGZHOU, CHINA and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL–(Marketwire – October 25, 2009) – Today, CopperGate Communications Ltd., the
Everywire Home Networking Company™, announced State Administration of
Radio, Film and TV (SARFT) test results for its CopperGate CG3210M Chipset
at the International Coverage and Transmission Conference (ICTC).

The SARFT results show that CopperGate has increased the effective
throughput of the CopperGate CG3210M chipset, providing a 160 Mbit/s
effective throughput to enable more users and the most throughput per user.
The SARFT test results also show the CG3210M solution to be very robust and
to have the ability to perform reliably in noisy multi-dwelling units (MDU)
environments and challenging line conditions — all without packet loss. In
addition, the SARFT results show the CG3210M chipset maintains high
throughput even when the number of end points increases.

Executive Quotes:

Charles Chiu, senior director for pre- and post-support, CopperGate

“CopperGate’s HomePNA-based solution provides the fastest EoC technology on
the market. Today, the SARFT results prove it. Now, it is clear to all MSOs
which technology will deliver the most performance for the best price,
without compromise on system robustness.”

“The CopperGate CG3210M is the perfect solution for service providers who
want to deliver high bandwidth reliably to as many customers as possible.
High performance over 60 end points enables service providers to save more
money by eliminating the number of masters needed.”

“Today’s SARFT test results show that CopperGate’s HomePNA-based solutions
offer MSOs a robust, cost-effective, high-bandwidth solution for delivering
bi-directional, digital broadband services to individual apartments in MDUs
over existing in-building coax wiring.”

“With CopperGate’s highly flexible HomePNA-based solution, MSOs can deliver
advanced services such as broadband access, Over-the-Top services, return
channel, IPTV, VoD and VoIP to residents of MDUs without worrying if they
are going to run out of capacity. Today’s test results show that the
chipset can handle the high-throughput demands of today and the future.”

Highlights / Key Facts:

--  CopperGate's MDU solution delivers data to as many end points for the
    lowest amount of money. The company's HomePNA technology delivers the best
    mix of performance and price versus any other EoC technology.
--  CopperGate's HomePNA solution EoC delivers up to 61 nodes and a
    continuous effective throughput of up to 160 Mbit/s -- all off a single
    master device.
--  To date, the addition of CopperGate-enabled IPTV has generated more
    than $1 billion in new revenues for service providers.
--  In a recent report, HomePNA 3.1 was ranked the most widely deployed
    IPTV solution amongst service providers worldwide.
--  HomePNA has helped service providers reduce installation costs by over
    $300 million.
--  ICTC, which runs from October 26 - 28, 2009 in the Zhijiang Hotel in
    Hangzhou, China, will be attended by approximately one thousand delegates
    and is one of the most influential events in the international CATV
    industry in China.

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3210M Chipset

About CopperGate

CopperGate Communications is the only company whose standards-based
chipsets enable carrier-class distribution of broadband digital content
over all three types of existing wires in the home: coax, phone, and power.
The company sells its technology to OEMs who build solutions for multimedia
home networking and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) broadband access markets.
CopperGate’s chips are used in set-top boxes, residential gateways, optical
network terminators and Ethernet bridges. CopperGate is headquartered in
Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in the United States, Taiwan, Korea, China,
Japan, and Brazil. Please visit: and

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