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While the options for entertainment in the home have become more varied and feature-rich with the advent of over-the-top (OTT) services, ultra high definition (UHD) and multiple screens, delivering all of this content has also become more demanding than ever before. Sigma Designs offers a broad array of set-top box (STB) media processors that address the various needs of service providers around the world, with solutions from entry-level boxes to premium UHD products.

Sigma Designs supports the latest standards in media compression to address the new opportunities (and requirements) in the rapidly evolving home entertainment industry, including HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec, also called H.265). Bandwidth requirements are reduced by up to 50% with HEVC compared to MPEG-4 AVC, allowing pay TV operators to distribute a very-high-quality HD video picture at three to four megabits per second. As a result, operators can make room for up to twice as many HD channels, introduce new revenue-generating services with Ultra HD (UHD) programming, and improve video quality with various unique technologies Sigma Designs offers.

Sigma has increased the CPU and Graphics processing power required for new robust software technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and OTT streaming. Sigma chipsets can now enable advanced functionality, including capabilities such as web browsers and unified content search to improve the user experience with a rich UI and enable viewing desired content from multiple sources including the cloud, broadcast and mobile networks, or a home network of STBs and computers.


  • 55 Million set top boxes deployed
  • Proven set top box supplier with over 10 years experience
  • Robust software stack and feature support
  • Complete solution portfolio from entry-level segment to premium segment

Sigma Designs Solutions for Set-Top Boxes