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Smart TV

Advancing the State of the Art

Consumers today expect more and more functionality on their devices, and the television set is no exception. In addition to delivering traditional broadcast HD/SD TV and VOD services, TVs increasingly now have capabilities to support a wide variety of Internet-connected services, such as streaming of over-the top (OTT) video content, access to apps and Web browsing, games and music/photo sharing.

In addition, consumers are purchasing larger and larger TV sets (60” and up)—and Ultra HD (UHD or 4K), which offers four times as many pixels as Full HD (1080p) TV, is quickly becoming mainstream in the consumer TV marketplace. As a consequence of these trends, the TV set is evolving at a rapid pace, and the chipsets powering these latest generation TVs are incredibly powerful.

Sigma Designs’ advanced smart TV, HD and UHD solutions deliver best in class picture quality on today’s increasingly larger screens and enable the latest generation of connected TV services including apps and over-the-top TV delivery.

A complete family of architecture-compatible products, reference designs, and software enable fast design of a Smart TV with a wide variety of feature options.

Over 100 million TV chipsets have been deployed to date, demonstrating superior value through:

  • Technology leadership, including the first commercially available UHD SoC
  • Best-in-class picture quality
  • Leading edge Smart TV processing with Netflix, Amazon and other 4K streaming services
  • Fully integrated SoCs for low BOM cost
  • Support for Linux and Android operating systems

Sigma Designs Smart TV Solutions